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The purpose of this form is to help us discover your personality and understand your motivations. There are no right or wrong answers, so please answer honestly.
If you join us in Angoulême, we’ll use the answers you give here to carry out your volunteer assessment.
The data collected will of course never be passed on to any third party and will not be kept if your application is unsuccessful.

    To introduce yourself

    Your name :

    You email address :

    Your age :

    Where do you live ?

    Regarding your level of English, you would say :

    About your level of French, you would say :

    Have you ever travelled?

    Have you travelled in France before?

    Have you ever done any voluntary work?
    You can tick more than one box.

    Are you, or have you ever been, involved in an organisation?
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    To know more about your personality

    Tick the statements that apply to you.
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    You receive hurtful criticism about your work when you've worked hard.
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    To know more about your volunteering project

    Complete the following sentences
    "During my voluntary service, I want to improve/acquire the skills of ...

    "I already have skills that I'd like to share...

    "While I'm volunteering, I want to experience...

    "I'm working on it, but I sometimes have difficulties with...

    "I can't wait to share with you my taste for / passion for...

    In a few words, my objectives for these months of volunteering in France :

    After your volunteer period, you already know exactly what you're going to do

    About living in Angoulême

    If you could choose, what would be your ideal accommodation in Angoulême? (select all that apply)

    Complete the following sentences
    "Something I would really like to see/do in France in my spare time...

    "When I think about life in France, in Angoulême, I am concerned about...

    If you want to tell us something more, add information about you :

    Please send us you CV and a cover letter (5Mb max)